Getting Rid Of Pests With Poison That Really Works

By | February 20, 2018

pest control La Plata MD

You go past commercial and industrial sites and you will always see the big lettered warnings. It says simply this. Beware! Because of the ongoing buildup of dirt, dust and debris, pestilence prevails. Insect and rodent pests thrive on dirt. They are even attracted to poison. No-one really knows why. Perhaps that’s an answer the commercial and residential pest control La Plata MD man in a van can give concerned passersby, home and factory owners. 

It’s pretty useless stacking up your yard, your factory floor, your shed, attic and basement, and especially your kitchen where food is being prepared and consumed, with loads of dangerous poison. Warning lights everywhere. But rest assured, by the next morning, the poison will be all gone. That’s because the pests all enjoyed a very hearty meal, thank you very much. Will something pass the ketchup, love the taste and mess?

No, it’s no use heading off to the supermarket or hardware store to purchase poison. This poison does work, mind you. Only it works on your nerves and can make you dangerously ill. It has little or no effect on cockroaches and rats and mice. And the smell? That’s another story. Instead of trying to battle it out with those formidable insects and rodents that never seems to go anywhere except stay in your kitchen or shop floor, call in the terminators.

When they’ve done their killing deeds with poison that really works they’ll still be leaving with that ominous warning; I’ll be back. Because that’s the nature of pests. Once one lot has died a vicious death, another herd will be back once the poison has evaporated. So, it’s necessary to have your pest control man in a van around every few months to make sure that these cretins stay away permanently.